18 April 2021

Tuesday starts on Saturday: the volunteers of the World Construction Championship are getting ready for warm reception of the guests

The Word Construction Championship is going to be the venue purposed to unite both world's leaders of constructional industry, experts, best specialists of constructional complex, and those who just begin implementing their professional plans.

120 young people, who are the most active, intelligent, and result-oriented, originating from different Russia's regions and other countries, have gathered on Saturday, 17th of April in Sochi, in order to hone their skills referring to receiving of guests and volunteer competences. This will help them to support the World Construction Championship with honor. This event will take place in Sochi from 20th till 23rd of April.

Over 700 students were competing for several months to become volunteers and team leaders. Now the profiles contest is over, as well as interviews, online studies, and final testing. It was calculated that 6 persons were competing for each place.

Now these former competitors shall become the united team from both exterior and spiritual point of view.

Championship's volunteers are provided with special merch outfit: orange polos, hoodies, and summer hats. This bright warm color will act as a light beacon and invite those Championship's guests and participants, who will need assistance.

Young people remembered volunteer's code and competences together with the representatives of Rosatom's CEMCP and all-Russian public youth organization named «Russia's Student Teams» (RST), which acts as Championship's media partner dealing with organization of the Volunteer center.

Ms. Elena Agee Ageeva (Rosatom's CEMCP), Ms. Xenia Piskareva (RST), Ms. Natalia Khaikyan (RST), Mr. Roman Korogodin (RST), and Ms. Kristina Sidorova (RSO) reminded the volunteers safety rules to be followed during large-scale events, as well as Championship's values, the number of nominations of the competition program, and general partners of the Championship (MKB, Sibur Holding, RZD, RusHydro, Titan-2). They also discussed and even demonstrated key volunteer's competences: effectiveness, calmness, friendliness, consciousness, respect, and ability to cooperate with people.

Since we represent the Championship, it is very important to let people know we are friendly, united, and pleased to cooperate with guests; and we are leaders of service

Championship volunteers

One of main volunteer's skills is teamwork. Team-building has become a spectacular part of preparations. «Say hi with your elbows», «molecules' union»: this is enough to let random people smile each other and hug in order to form a team comprising the required number of people.

«Each of you is a thread in the clue of events. Each of you will influence the image of the World Construction Championship 2021», organizers addressed volunteers.

That evening ended with creation of the symbolic spider-web of the volunteers' center: orange and blue threads outgoing from wooden clues thrown in the air and caught by other hands from one volunteer to another. This shall mean the share of energy, warmth, attention, mutual assistance, and positive boost with reference to the ongoing Championship.

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Arrangement of volunteers' center and their training was assigned to Championship's partner Russian public youth organization named «Russia's Student Teams" (RST), which is included into the category «Arrangement and organization of volunteers' center of the Championship».

After multi-phase shortlisting (submitting applications, individual interviews, online training, and final distribution of volunteers as per their duties) the Championship volunteers' center welcomed new members originating from 42 Russia's regions. They were 100 volunteers and 20 team leaders.

Major part of Championship's volunteers are students of construction educational institutions and members of construction students' teams, who plan to commit themselves to industrial construction.