25 July 2023

The World construction championship III has launched its pre-qualification phase

The World Construction Championship III has passed to its pre-qualification phase related to the main ranking and the Student League involving corporate competitors, individual members, and students attending special universities and colleges. The final phase of the Championship will involve only 1,000 best performers represented by companies and educational institutions from Russia and overseas.

Special methodology and tasks have been developed for the pre-qualification phase of the World Construction Championship III. They vary depending on the category of the participant and the chosen nomination.

The pre-qualification phase procedure, qualification requirements, description and evaluation criteria of tasks are provided in the methodologies for the pre-qualification and final phases of the nominations. They are posted at the official website of the World Construction Championship in the section named “Competitions 2023”. 31st is the last day of applying for participation on the official Championship website (https://pro-wcc.com).

The pre-qualification phase will finish on 31st of August, 2023; and its results will form the list of finalists, which will meet face to face at the Championship. The event is scheduled for October 17-20, 2023 and will take place at the territory of the EXPOFORUM Convention and Exhibition Center in Saint Petersburg, Russia. This year's competition block includes 25 nominations related to construction, design and project management.

“Meeting new challenges requires original ideas, as well as views based on experience and skills. Due to general development of the construction industry and the economy, there is a demand to arrange professional communities capable of developing and implementing technological solutions to meet the present challenges. The World Construction Championship is a large-scale platform for involving highly qualified construction specialists and creating of social lift for them and for young professionals getting ready for an opportunity to become industry leaders.”

Announced the Minister of Construction, Housing and Utilities of the Russian Federation Mr. Irek Faizullin

This year's competition block includes 25 nominations related to construction, design and project management.

“The World Construction Championship is strategically important for us. This space selects and trains the best construction specialists. Effective management of human resource potential provides new opportunities to specialists, promotes interaction and cooperation. The Championship allows us expanding professional skills’ limits.”

Added General director of Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation Mr. Alexey Likhachev

Apart from that, the pre-qualification phase will last until 31st of August and involve a new participating category of the World Construction Championship. Those will be school students of 8-10th grades. The School League is an all-Russian team competition among schoolchildren aimed at solving cases related to construction in the following nominations: “Construction Technologies”, “Efficiency of Constructed and Operated Facilities”, “Construction and Environment”, and “Organization of Construction Operations”.

The prize fund of the World Construction Championship III amounts to more than 53 million rubles. In addition to cash awards, winners will get the opportunity to become participants of the project called “More than a Journey” and supported by “Russia, the Opportunity Country”, Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization (ANCO). This trip will allow them better knowledge of the country. School students will get additional USE scores increasing their chances for further education in specialized universities.