9 October 2023

The world construction championship III: construction leaders of the world

It is less than two weeks left until the final phase of the World Constriction Championship III will begin. The Organizers are represented by the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities of the Russian Federation; Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation; “Russia, the Opportunity Country”, President platform; and Saint-Petersburg Government. The event will take place since 17th till 20th of October at EXPOFORUM exhibition center located in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

The global mission of the World Construction Championship is to aim all construction achievements and modern technologies for improvement of living conditions of people and society. In 2023, the key subject of the World Construction Championship III is represented by modern technologies, since technologies are linking each element of the Championship: competitions, business program, exhibition, special projects, etc.

During the Championship, EXPOFORUM center will become the place to gather construction industry community, government, business, and scientists. The event will be visited by representatives of 40 countries belonging to CIS, SCO, BRICS, EAEU, ASEAN, and others. During the Championship, it is planned to arrange working sessions of Intergovernmental Commissions to discuss construction, infrastructure, and utilities. It is also planned to integrate the 7th International Conference named “Development of Construction Expertize Institute” with the 2nd Eurasian Construction Congress, and the World Summit on Construction Industry Development.

In 2023, the competition part of the World Construction Championship III is represented by 25 individual and team nominations, including 5 new ones belonging to three areas: construction, facility design and construction project management.

This year, the Championship is available also for school students: for the first time there is presented the School League created under the support of the World Engineering Championship “CASE-IN”. 8-10th grade school students are offered with 4 nominations. After having made their choice, senior school students’ task is to resolve cases related to design of future Russia’s cities and their parts in order to arrange the most comfortable conditions for citizens. 12 teams were competing for each place in the League.

The Student League within the World Construction Championship has been active for 2 years already. In 2023, university and college students will be offered with 19 nominations.

A record number of participants will take part in the Championship final phase: over 1000 contestants from Russia and overseas, whose skills will be evaluated by about 350 experts. The total prize fund of the Championship is over 53 million rubles: 14.1 million rubles among this sum is the Student League fund and 1.2 million rubles is the School League fund. Apart from that, School League winners will get extra USE scores for further admission to the leading universities of our country.

Within the business program of the World Construction Championship III, there will be held about 70 business events where there will be discussed the issues of finding solutions to strategic tasks for the development of construction in Russia and overseas. The program concept has approved 8 key tracks: strategic, international, scientific, youth, professional, technological, regional and business track.

The Championship will unveil the documentary “Russia’s Mega-Projects” produced by the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities of the Russian Federation. The idea of the film born during the business program of the World Construction Championship II. The concept is dedicated to modern construction industry and its people, professional constructors.

The World Construction Championship III’s exhibition is a large multimedia space dedicated to the history of the construction industry, its goals and plans for the future. The exposition is divided into several key zones: the central one will be the technological cluster - a crowded point of innovation and ingenuity. Guests will also be able to visit the scientific and educational cluster, which will feature the industry's unique educational opportunities, professional competitions, internships and additional education programs, the open lecture hall with speeches and master classes by Championship ambassadors. Special guests are represented by Ken Yeang, Fyodor and Oscar Konyukhovs and others.

The industrial event named Utilicon and the World Construction Championship III will for the first time become a united platform for presentation of best country’s construction and utility-related practices. Participants and visitors will have the opportunity to find innovative materials and technologies, newest b2b and b2g technologies, and modern infrastructure technologies of Russia and overseas. The event will bring together leading manufacturers and suppliers, developers and corporate clients, companies presenting advanced ideas and solutions related to housing and utility services, construction, reconstruction, landscaping and territory maintenance, successfully operating in the regions of Russia. The event will become a large-scale industry platform for negotiations and development of cooperation, participation in which lays the foundation for the success of companies and territories over the years ahead.