29 April 2022

The world construction championship ii of 2022 will take place in Kazan, Russia

The Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities of the Russian Federation has held the proceedings of the WCC Federal organizing committee chaired by the Minister, Mr. Irek Faizullin.

This meeting was attended by the Director of capital investments, state construction supervision and state expertize in Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation, Mr. Gennady Sakharov, the General Director of Autonomous Nonprofit Organization “RSV”, Mr. Alexey Komissarov, and representatives of Championship’s partners.

When opening the proceedings, the Minister of Construction, Housing and Utilities of the Russian Federation, Mr. Irek Faizulling reported the following:

The first World Construction Championship held last April in Sochi has become the important stage of joint efforts made by the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities of the Russian Federation and Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation. Our common work has resulted in creation and opening of the unique international venue. Conducted Championship has become the international center to demonstrate construction skills and technologies that have no analogs in the world. Organizers also arranged the venue to discuss strategic issues and take decisions related to the industrial construction both in Russia and other countries. The Championship has demonstrated a serious capacity of future development. At the present time, it is highly important to hold it again to deal with our issues on the professional transformation within the construction industry, improvement of labor efficiency, and development of the competitiveness of the construction sphere. Also, the ongoing Championship may become the platform to represent Russia as the leading construction country and arrange effective industrial cooperation.

Mr. Gennady Sakharov, representing Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation, has added the following:

We created the unique global platform that opened a new sheet in history of industrial construction development; it united the people engaged in engineering and construction and allowed them synchronic share of best practices. It is the opportunity of regular comparison of opinions, competences, public presentation of innovative approaches and noble competition that gives a push to the development of industrial construction technologies. This year we have even more ambitious tasks, we have to work under new constraints, a difficult geopolitical situation and sanction pressure, and, nevertheless, the Championship II can and must become a springboard to resolve serious issues in the country as a whole and for each company involved in the implementation of major construction projects, a platform to discuss strategically important questions and make decisions on the development of industrial construction in Russia and other countries, as well as the center of effective industrial cooperation.

The present members have discussed plans and changes of the WCC II. In particular, 2022 will become the year when the overall ranking will include students of professional construction colleges as a part of the newest Student League. So, the Championship competitions will engage three categories of the participants: specialists employed by largest Russia’s and foreign companies, independent competitors, and students.

The decision on involving students to the overall ranking was taken with consideration of significant results presented by student teams last year in the unofficial ranking. They will be offered to select among 16 nominations. It is expected that students will represent around 20% of the participants in total.

In 2022, the World Construction Championship is going to combine with the presidential platform named “Russia, the Opportunity Country”; this is why the organizers shall involve as much members for participation as possible.

“Russia, the Opportunity Country” platform has also something for the people engaged in working professions: WorldSkills Russia movement that is already available, and Abilimpix (professional competitions among handicapped people) where both young and senior participants will manifest their professional skills. Since 2019, this platform has been involving the International Engineering Championship named “CASE-IN”. The main goal of these projects is to promote working and engineering professions. Engaged participants solve practical tasks, and many of them are created by our partners. We expect that the World Construction Championship will become another special area of focus and will smoothly integrate with our platform designed to talent development and social elevator system. This will allow more professional constructors and students demonstrating their skills.

The General Director of Autonomous Nonprofit Organization “RSV”, Mr. Alexey Komissarov

Also, the event founders have approved the prize fund and final list of nominations within the competitive part. The competitors will take part in 20 individual and team nominations. Championship nominations still divide into three categories: industrial construction, industrial engineering, and construction project management. In this year there will be added 2 new nominations: team nomination “Installation of Steel and Reinforced Concrete Structures” and individual nomination “Electric Welder of Manual Welding”. The organizers have updated the concept of multi-team nomination “Best Construction Site” as well.

The prize fund will also be increased and will count more than 44 million rubles. In addition to the competitions among professional constructors, the venue will locate the multimedia exhibition and business program.

At the end of the meeting the organizing committee announced the region awarded with the right to host the event this year. The official venue of the World Construction Championship in 2022 will be located in Kazan, Russia. The Championship will be held from 5th of October till 8th of October at the “Kazan Expo” International Exhibition Center.

It is worth recalling that the World Construction Championship was established in February, 2020 by the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities of the Russian Federation and Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation. The event was originally held in April, 2021, in Sochi, Russia. Around 500 participants from Russia, Qazaqstan, Belarus, Egypt, and Turkey were playing for the Championship.

During the proceedings, the Minister of Construction, Housing and Utilities of the Russian Federation awarded the partners of the WCC I with the notes of acknowledgement. Among them: Rossijskie Zheleznye Dorogi, OJSC; RusHydro, PJSC; Sibur, LLC; Elektrosevkavmontazh Corporation; TITAN-2 Holding; Orgenergostroy Institute, JSC; and Credit Bank of Moscow.