16 August 2022

The telebridge “RST. Global construction sites” has revealed the details on selection of volunteers to take part in the world construction championship

16th of August has become the date of the international telebridge titled “RST. Global Construction Sites”. It was intended for arrangement for the ongoing World Construction Championship II (the part of the platform named “Russia, the Opportunity Country”) and selection of volunteers to join the Volunteer team. This meeting was visited by representatives of support platform related to selection of volunteers and Russia’s Student Teams currently involved in large-scale construction site of Russia, Egypt, Turkey, Belarus, and Kazan as being the host side.

Deputy Minister of Construction, Housing, and Utilities, Mr. Alexander Lomakin, welcomed his young colleagues and focused their attention to the importance of construction issues. “There are over 11 million specialists currently involved in the construction industry. Meanwhile, we realize great scope of works and high speed of industrial sites’ commissioning. So, we need in introduce new human resources to this industry. From this perspective, the World Construction Championship is the unique event allowing its members making familiar with each other, sharing experience, and possess new knowledge. I wish every participant of the Championship new knowledge, experience, and business contacts.”

Requests referring to participation in the Championship are still being collected. Student League members will compete for prizes under 16 nominations of three categories: “Industrial Construction”, “Industrial Design”, and “Construction Project Management”.

First deputy general director of “Russia, the Opportunity Country”, ANCO, Mr. Alexey Agafonov, spoke about special role of young specialists within industrial construction. “In 2022, the World Construction Championship joined the project line supported by “Russia, the Opportunity Country” platform. We are sure that it is the effective tool for arranging the specialists’ pool and promoting working professions. Taking part in the Championship for students and young specialists will highly motivate them to develop their skills and manifest themselves. They know well about high level of competition in this industry. Participation and especially winning in competitions will be their advantage when they search for now jobs, since they will be able to demonstrate their skills to reputable employers and improve their careers. Last year experience has shown high level of students’ training: student teams were competing professionals on an equal footing. This is they reason why the federal Championship arrangements committee has decided to create the Student League this year. Its prize fund will amount to 11 million rubles.

Apart from recognition and financial rewarding, winners will get special prizes from the platform “Russia, the Opportunity Country”: these are journeys across Russia (“More than a Journey” project) and educational programs from “Senezh” management studio.

In his turn, the head of Central headquarters of Russia’s Student Teams, youth social agency, Mr. Dmitry Paramonov, noticed that at the present time they had received over one thousand requests from potential volunteers. “We have now finished registering applicants to act as volunteers at the World Construction Championship. We have counted almost 1,300 requests from 65 regions of Russia, as well as Egypt, Belarus, Qazaqstan, Tajikistan, and the Donbass region. Competition rate for each place is 10 persons. There is huge scope of work to come, and we have to identify the best candidates. Yesterday we began the interviewing stage, and then we will select 200 volunteers and team leaders. Interviewing will be held within 8 related platforms, including labor projects from 15th till 30th of August.”

During the telebridge, Russia’s State Duma member and deputy chairman of the youth policy committee of State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, Mr. Mikhail Kiselev, pointed out the tradition of joining Russia’s Student Teams, which provided the opportunity to get useful practical skills, possess the knowledge of cooperation with colleagues, and take part in large-scale projects of biggest state corporations. “Young specialists will get valuable experience, make useful social contacts with colleagues coming from different part of Russia and other countries, and, the most important thing, will get the chance to manifest themselves, their skills, ideas, and important questions that will be pushed in their resolution once discussed within the Championship.”