18 September 2023

The results of semi-final for world construction championship III’s school league have been announced

Twenty four teams consisting of senior school students have passed into the School League final phase (competitions on resolution of construction cases). The WCC III School League will be supported by Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation.

Future construction professionals were offered the following nominations: “Construction Technologies”, “Efficiency of Constructed and Operated Facilities”, “Construction and Environment”, and “Organization of Construction Operations”.

About 200 teams of 8-10th grade school students from 58 regions of Russia, the Republic of Belarus and the Islamic Republic of Iran have applied for participation in the League. Mostly, applications were submitted from Saint-Petersburg, the Sverdlovsk Region and the Primorsky Region. Each nomination found its interest among school students from new territories of Russia.

The authors of the most promising ideas of the School League of the World Construction Championship III have met in the semi-final phase in an online format, and based on the results of the defense, the six strongest teams in each direction advanced to the final phase, which will be held since 17th till 20th of October. League winners will get extra USE scores that will push their admission to leading Russian universities and will compete for the prize fund of 1.2 million rubles.

Mr. Alexander Lomakin, the first deputy Minister of Construction, Housing and Utilities of the Russian Federation, has outlined the important role of students and school pupils in future construction development:

“Young specialists bring fresh perspectives to the construction industry and innovations. They can generate new ideas and approaches based on modern technologies and trends.

Today's students who have chosen construction as their profession are changing traditional ways of working and offering new ways of design, construction and operation of buildings through digital skills, an understanding of process automation and the ability to apply technological solutions to improve efficiency and quality of work. Young professionals, especially from the School and Student Leagues of the World Construction Championship, form the foundation of the construction industry's talent pool.”

General director of Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation, Mr. Alexey Likhachev, has highlighted the important role of nuclear industry specialists:

“Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation annually increases its project portfolio in Russia and overseas. To realize our ambitious plans, we need talented and ambitious young people. The nuclear industry has created an entire ecosystem for unlocking human resources potential, which includes students from schools, colleges, and universities. The World Construction Championship gives children an opportunity to get acquainted with the construction industry from school and test their abilities in designing cities of the future. The most successful participants will be able to join the Rosatom community and take part in the most ambitious projects in the future.”

“Construction and Environment” has become the most popular nomination among the offered ones with the relation to “Ecologist and Urban Planner”. School teams having chosen this nomination will need to create smart urban infrastructure elements purposed for improvement of ecological situation within a selected territory and arrangement of high level of physical and emotional health of citizens.

Mr. Artem Korolev, director of the foundation named “Reliable Turn”, founder and co-chairman of the World Engineering Championship “CASE-IN”, has spoken about how the professions of future had been forming within the Championship School League:

“The BANI-world concept interprets the world as Brittle, Anxious, Nonlinear, Incomprehensible. And now it is exactly the time when young people’s careers have to be correctly guided in such spheres as construction, engineering, technologies, etc. These jobs are real, they will not disappear. They will be needed during any complicated period of our history.

Realizing this, the World Construction Championship and I decided to create the School League. We have formed these professions of the future within the construction industry, linking them, first of all, to the necessary "hard-competencies" and technological knowledge. In this way, young people will develop themselves and develop the construction industry.”

Apart from that, about 2 thousand people from 60 regions of Russia and six foreign countries have applied for registration in the Volunteer Team of the Championship. The competition amounted to 10 people per place. 200 volunteers out of the total number will go to Saint-Petersburg.

In general, about 6 thousand professionals and young specialists of the industry have registered for participation in the World Construction Championship III. Participants from the Republic of Belarus, Türkiye, China, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Rwanda, Tajikistan, Ethiopia and Tunisia reached the final phase of the Championship. In particular, about 600 of them were represented by students of specialized universities and colleges to participate in the Student League.