1 February 2021

The requirement campaign for involvement of volunteers to the World Construction Championship is over

January, 29th, became the deadline for applications submitted by future volunteers of the event. 6 persons were competing for each vacant place.

The requirement campaign started on December, 19th, and collected 716 applications in total. 549 persons have applied to act as volunteers, while 167 ones wished to act as their team leaders. The candidates are mainly from Russia’s universities of civil engineering.

Moscow, Moscow region, Tatarstan republic, Nizhegorodskaya region, and Altai Territory have become the most active regions.

Championship volunteers have outlined the following popular activities: meeting and accommodating guests, forwarding delegations, supporting the organizational office, and assisting at business area and exhibition hall.

Organizing committee of the Championship is currently holding preliminary qualification. After that all candidates will receive informational letters containing the data on their passing to the next qualification phase.

In February future volunteers will pass online interviews, and after that there will be arranged the final list of lucky ones, who will travel to Sochi as members of Championship’s volunteer team.

In March best of the best ones will pass general course of the online educational program, and when they arrive in Sochi, they will pass face-to-face training as per their specializations.

It bears reminding that the youth social agency «Russian students’ teams» will act as Championship’s partner with reference to creation and arrangement of the volunteer team.

The World Construction Championship will take place in April, 2021. The Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities of the Russian Federation and Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation will act as establishers of this event. The Championship will be supported by CIS countries, EAEU, RCV, and a number of leading companies dealing with construction of large industrial objects in Russia and overseas.