8 September 2022

The Eurasian construction congress will come around on WCC 2022 sidelines

On 6th of October, 2022 the National Association of Consultant Engineers in Construction (NACEC) and Kazakhsky Research, Development, and Design Institute of Construction and Architecture, JSC (KazNIICA) will conduct the Eurasian Construction Congress within the business program of the World Construction Championship II.

The Congress has not been conducted before; and it is intended to become a part of realization of the Resolution on arrangement of the single construction service market referring to the EAEU countries. The Resolution was adopted in December, 2021 by the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council.

The Eurasian Construction Congress is a global event uniting international experts, heads of state and large private companies, as well as social agencies and allowing the discussion of questions on contractual, technical, and digital regulations of the single construction market within the territory of the EAEU countries, as well as on practices of import substitution in the EAEU.

Among the topics of discussion in the Congress there are the following: arrangement of construction service market and development of integration processes within the territory of the EAEU countries (including those intended for import substitution purposes); development of clear rules “for the game” related to investment and construction business; construction engineering of the new digital technologic nature; and ensuring of freedom of movement of building resources within the territory of the EAEU countries.

“At the moment, Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation has one of the largest construction programs across the country. We are always happy to share our experience related to construction of nuclear installations and know more about the experience of our colleagues. I am sure that the Eurasian Construction Congress will involve leading EAEU companies dealing with industrial construction, while the Congress will end up with new partnerships and cooperation arrangements between the industry leaders.”

– рассказал Said director of capital investments, state construction supervision and state expertize and president of NACEC, Mr. Gennady Sakharov.

The World Construction Championship II scheduled for the period from 5th till 8th of October, 2022, and to be conducted in Kazan, corresponds to all current requirements to a communication platform. The industry requires discussion of working issues within rapidly changing conditions.

“In 2022, despite the current situation related to a number of foreign countries, Russia’s companies actively develop large-scale projects required by different industrial spheres in Russia and overseas.

Meanwhile, due to the focus on import substitution of goods and technologies, we can notice higher demand for modernization and technical upgrading of a number of existing industries, as well as for construction of brand new enterprises. This will involve more professional specialists.

The ongoing World Construction Championship will help us to establish cooperation and arrange partnerships with experts and specialized companies from different countries. In particular, from the EAEU countries that will be able to cooperate with us and establish the single construction service market with no barriers, limitations, extra requirements or conditions.” Said first Deputy Minister of Construction, Housing, and Utilities of the Russian Federation, Mr. Alexander Nikolaevich Lomakin.

“The necessity to develop the single conceptual framework that would be clear for all EAEU countries and intended for regulatory and technical documentation, as well as development of a single classification system within the shared construction regulations (including the regulatory structure and control/supervision/correspondence evaluation system) will require integration of the EAEU and CIS countries’ technical regulation systems.

Integration processes will provide a transformational push to the innovative economy and development of the construction industry. Besides, such processes will favor practical realization of the concerted construction policy of the EAEU countries.

In turn, it will ensure direct benefits to citizens, including training of human resources, scientific/applied researches, startup supporting, transferring of modern technologies, and will allow realizing of large shared projects supported by the EAEU countries.” Outlined general director of Kazakhsky Research, Development, and Design Institute of Construction and Architecture, JSC, Mr. Begman Bakhitovich Kulbaev.

Reference information:

The World Construction Championship (WCC) is intended for expansion of economic integration of Russia and EAEU countries within the construction industry and housing/utilities sphere. The Championship was established in November of 2019 by the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities of the Russian Federation and State Atomic Energy Corporation. The original event took place in April of 2021 in Sochi, Russia. The title of winners had become a desired prize for around 500 professional constructors from Russia, Qazaqstan, the Republic of Belarus, Egypt, and Turkey. The event has its mission: strengthening of the national economy, improving of Russia’s position within the global industrial construction scene, and arranging of overall competitive ability of the country. Gazprom Invest, LLC acts as the co-organizer; it is the single technical client dealing with realization of investment projects of Gazprom, PJSC. The company mainly deals with design, construction, and commissioning of gas infrastructure objects of both civil and industrial nature. It takes direct part in development of the unified gas supply system within both Russia’s onshore and offshore. The company also participates in realization of largest federal investment projects, such as “Power of Siberia” transmission gas pipeline; development of the Chayandinskoye field, Kovyktinskoe field, Kharasaveyskoye field, and Bovanenkovo field; development of the unified gas supply system of the north-west region (Gryazovets – Slavyanskaya compressor station section); Ukhta – Torzhok, Bovanenkovo – Ukhta gas transmission pipelines; Portovaya compressor station, and a number of civil projects.

The Eurasian Construction Congress

In December of 2021, the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council (SEEC) adopted the Resolution on arrangement of the single construction service market to be applicable to the EAEU countries (Russia, Qazaqstan, Belarus, Armenia, and Kyrgyzstan. The Resolution No 22 was signed on 10th of December, 2021. All SEEC’s resolutions are binding on the EAEU countries (quote: “3. All the Eurasian Economic Union countries are to ensure operability of the single construction service market with no barriers, withdrawals, limitations, extra requirements, or conditions.” In June of 2022, within the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation and KazNIICA signed the joint declaration stating the format and directions of three-side cooperation purposed for development of construction engineering within the Eurasian region. Among other things, such cooperation implies establishment of the Eurasian Federation of Structural Engineers.