22 February 2020

Russia establishes the first World Construction Championship

The Ministry of Construction Industry, Housing and Utilities and State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom signed the Agreement to establish the first World Construction Championship on February, 21st, 2020. The final competition of the Championship is scheduled for autumn.

In his welcome speech, the leader of the State Corporation specified importance of the Agreement from the perspective of large-scale strategic projects’ implementation: «We face shared objectives, which are national economy improvement, international cooperation development, and companies’ labor productivity increasing. I am convinced that this Championship will become the tool to achieve all these objectives and stimulate integration of the advanced management solutions and technologies.»

Mr. Vladimir Yakushev endorsed the initiative to establish the Championship and highlighted importance of the project in the light of constructional occupations’ development.

Mr. Vladimir Yakushev

Rosatom is our long-standing partner, cooperating with us for much more than one year. The State Corporation develops and easily integrates new solutions referring to all the sector wings. Industrial construction occupies the special position within the industry, and it requires involving a great number of specialists, possessing unique competences. Thus, professional training of specialists requires special attention. This is a necessary step to achieve the targets, determined by the President of Russia within implementation of national projects.

The parties have also concluded that establishment and arrangement of the Championship of that caliber will become the effective tool, purposed for intensification and extension of the economic integration of Russia and countries of the Eurasian Economic Union within the industries of construction and housing and utility sector, support national economy growth, improve on Russia’s position on the world stage, and ensure global competitive advantage of the country.

The target audience in 2020 refers to the countries of Eurasian Economic Union (Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Russia). In later years in it planned to broaden the audience. It is expected that the Championship will involve more than 2 million of employees, while there will be over 1 thousand participating companies from 50 countries of the world.