22 September 2022

Public talk on contests, olympics, and professional sessions: how many of them are required by the construction industry?

On 7th of October, the business program within the World Construction Championship II will open the doors of Conference hall No 1 in “Kazan Expo” international exhibition center. It will place the Public Talk event titled “Me, the Constructor of the Future!” The discussion will refer to contests, Olympics, professional sessions and their scope required for the construction industry.

Within this event there will be also the discussion related to career guidance for children and young people: contests, Olympics, and professional sessions. Apart from that, the experts will raise the topic of arrangement of a single information platform intended for navigation among all initiative projects, as well as the topics of student portfolios’ formation, monitoring, and scoring for individual achievements.

In the present time, children and young people demonstrate increasing interest towards education and development activities represented by contests, Olympics, championships, and other promising projects being conducted at both local and federal levels. Can this large scope of events overwhelm children and adults? Do they need navigation in order to orient themselves in these activities? The expert will be looking for answers to these and other questions during the discussion.

If you wish to visit the main state’s event related to the industrial construction sector, please pass your online registration at the official WCC-2022 web-site.