25 July 2022

Preliminary participants’ selection stage of the World construction championship is open

The period from 25th of July till 31st of August will mark the preliminary selection stage of the World Construction Championship. For the moment, there have been members registered in 91 cities of 57 Russia’s regions. As expected, there will be up to 30,000 participants in total.

The competition program of the World Construction Championship (WCC) will be available for three categories of participants:

1. Member organization representatives, who take part in the even by the names of their organizations.

2. Independent participants, who take part in the event by their personal names.

3. Students learning in specialized universities and colleges.

There are the methodology and tasks developed specially for the Championship: apart from participant’s category, stage forms will depend on the nomination as well. There are several options of preliminary selection offered to the participants depending on their categories. Independent members will be offered remote testing available at the WCC’s official web-site (https://pro-wcc.ru).

According to the Minister of Construction, Housing and Utilities of the Russian Federation, Mr. Irek Faizullin, such events like the World Construction Championship are highly demanded by construction industry specialists.

“It is important to us that the Championship could become the point of sharing of competences, useful skills, and practices. Cooperation of specialists from different countries is the opportunity to gain a new insight into the construction process and see practical experience of each participant. This event promotes engineering professions and, most notably, provides the chance to strengthen the cooperation between friendly countries and to discuss the questions that are important for the construction industry.”

Those members representing their companies will undergo two options of the primary selection within the related organizations:

1. As per qualification requirements. Applicable to all nominations.

2. As per internal testing based/with the use of the methodology and tasks provided by Rosatom’s CEMCP (Centre of Expertise for Major Construction Projects). Applicable to working professions, individual nomination “Labor Safety”, and team nomination “Geodetic Surveyor”.

Students will undergo their preliminary selection within Russia’s Student Teams (RST) and Moscow State University of Civil Engineering (MGSU) as per qualification requirements. Applicable to working nominations and team nomination “Data Modeling and Engineering”.

It is also important to note that preliminary selection for nomination “Electric Welder of Manual Welding” will take place in the Professional education center for construction and installation working specialists.

The present Championship will take place for the second time already. The original Championship held in Sochi in 2021 has involved 500 constructors and about 200 companies.

“The previous Championship has demonstrated high level of participants’ professional training. We can state with confidence that competitions become the stepping stone for personal and professional development of constructors. This is exactly the social elevator opening new career opportunities to young people.” Said general director of Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation, Mr. Alexey Likhachev.

Promoting of working professions (in Russia and overseas) and improving their prestige level are one of Championship’s goals within the sphere of industrial construction.

“This year the World Construction Championship has joined to the project line supported by President’s platform named “Russia, the Opportunity Country”. Every day we receive new requests for participation in the project. At the moment, there are members registered in 91 cities of 57 Russia’s regions. I am sure that the Championship will allow us contributing a lot to promotion of working professions within the construction industry.” Noticed general director of “Russia, the Opportunity Country”, Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization (ANCO), Mr. Alexey Komissarov.

The World Construction Championship (WCC) will take place in Kazan (Kazan Expo) within the period from 5th till 8th of October, 2022. This is the annual event uniting professional industrial constructors, young specialists, and business/ exhibition programs. Championship co-organizers are represented by the Ministry of Construction of the Russian Federation; “Russia, the Opportunity Country”, Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization (ANCO); Gazprom Invest, LLC; and the Republic of Tatarstan.

Kazan Expo venue will gather the members arriving from 27 countries, including SCO, BRICS, EAEU, CIS states, as well as Bangladesh, Kuwait, Laos, Hungary, Egypt, Nigeria, UAE, Israel, Serbia, Qatar, Iran, and Turkey.