8 October 2022

Business program of the world construction championship ii has presented the session named “industrial methods and bim-technologies in erection of large-scale industrial facilities”

The period from 5th till 8th of October will open the World Construction Championship II in Kazan. The event is organized by the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities of the Russian Federation; Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation; “Russia, the Opportunity Country”, Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization (ANCO); Gazprom Invest, LLC; and the Republic of Tatarstan. In 2022, the Championship joined the project line supported by “Russia, the Opportunity Country” platform.

On 7th of October the World Construction Championship II and its business program presented the session named “Industrial Methods and BIM-Technologies in Erection of Large-Scale Industrial Facilities”. The session was organized by ACCNI (Association of Organizations of the Construction Complex of the Nuclear Industry).

The event involved the following speakers:

  • Director of capital investments, state construction supervision and state expertize in Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation (Mr. Sakharov Gennady Stanislavovich)
  • General manager of BIM operation office in Rosatom’s CEMCP (Centre of Expertise for Major Construction Projects) (Mr. Sharafutdinov Timur Damirovich)
  • General director of ACCNI (Mr. Malinin Sergey Mikhailovich)
  • Deputy general director of ACCNI (Mr. Frolov Alexander Viktorovich)
  • Director of Monolit CFO, Orgenergostroy Institute, JSC (Mr. Korotkikh Dmitry Nikolaevich)
  • The head of methodology and digital engineering standardization department in CPTI, JSC (Mr. Bunchuk Igor Nikolaevich)
  • Deputy development director in Servis-Gazifikaciya, CJSC (Mr. Goncharik Alexander Gennadievich)
  • VDC director in Intellektualny Stroitelny Inzhiniring, LLC (Mr. Klepa Victor Vladimirovich)
  • Director of technical support and production development in Nauka I Innovacii, JSC (Mr. Lemekhov Yury Vladimirovich)

The experts raised the topics of establishment of consortiums based on ACCNI for the purpose of implementation of Rosatom’s capital construction projects and other industrial facilities in Russia and overseas. They also discussed the existing model, development perspectives, and effects of integration of industrial technologies related to performance of the jobs realized within Rosatom’s construction sites.

Director of capital investments, state construction supervision and state expertize in Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation, Mr. Gennady Sakharov, outlined the importance of digitalization in provision of Russia’s technical independence.

“Today, it is especially important to focus on integration of advanced technologies. Modern solutions can greatly push the activities related to erection of industrial objects by providing of the conditions favoring quick and effective project management. This is just the thing required for active development of the industry under the conditions of sanction pressure and unstable economy.”

The discussion was also focused on arrangement of the policy in Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation referring to erection of nuclear installations, usage of BIM technologies (and other digital services ensuring target deadlines of capital construction objects), and the experience of their incorporation within the objects serviced by Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation. In the beginning of the session, general manager of BIM operation office in Rosatom’s CEMCP (Centre of Expertise for Major Construction Projects), Mr. Timur Sharafutdinov, spoke on the system of information modeling instruments and provided more details on the single information space, which was the base for the coordinated realization of any construction project.

Deputy general director of ACCNI, Mr. Alexander Frolov discussed the development of researches within the sphere of construction modeling (including development of construction management plans (CMP) with the use of information modeling technologies (R&D report named “CMP”)), GOST R project related to SSIM and SIM, as well as organization and process rules for construction. He provided some details on the main advantage of applying of organization and process rules in construction of nuclear power plants as they referred to the instruments to plan and manage the projects.

“Organization and process rules of construction provide us with particularities referring to scopes and labor costs. These rules make this diagram more living, clear, and corresponding to the current situation.”

General director of ACCNI, Mr. Sergey Malinin, closed the session “Industrial Methods and BIM-Technologies in Erection of Large-Scale Industrial Facilities” with his farewell speech referring to development of methods and their application technologies.

“Technologies shall be applied not to just nuclear power plants, but to a number of other facilities as well. They are highly demanded by every project characterized by limited construction deadlines.”