Media sources accreditation

If you are a media source representative, you will need to arrange accreditation.

Representatives of Championship partners’ PR departments shall also pass registration in this section and get their name tags in the «Media» category.

Without accreditation you will not be able to get access to the Championship area. Register yourself not later than 24 hour before your arrival at the Championship. If you fail to register yourself in time, we will not be able to let you access to this event.

Who can get accreditation?

  • Russian journalists having their press cards, if they are employed by media sources, registered in Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology, and Mass Media
  • Representatives of partners’ PR departments: spokespersons, photographers, videographs, etc.

How to get accreditation

  • Fill in the form provided in the end of the page separately for each employee

It is important to fill in the form separately for each media source representative and employee, who is going to be present at the Championship area (including technical staff, drivers, and assistants).

If you are a TV newsperson, you need to inform us about your car model and its plate number in order to be allowed parking it on the territory of the main media-center. Please make sure your driver has the accreditation as well. If you write your car model and plate number in the accreditation form, it shall be filled in for your driver.

If you have questions related to the accreditation, email us at

Workplace policy

In order to make your job at the Championship area, each employee of your company shall have the accreditation. It is important to send your form at least 24 hours before your arrival. Without your accreditation we will not be able to provide the access to the Championship.

Any program or interview, recorded on the territory of the World Construction Championship, shall contain reference to this event.

Media office will support media sources’ representatives on the territory of the Championship.

Due to the specific epidemiologic situation in Russia, please follow simple recommendations issued by the Russian Agency for Health and Consumer Rights: wear face masks and gloves, and keep 1.5 m distance.

Accreditation application

We will accept your requests from September, 12th, 2022 to October, 5th, 2022.

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