How to become the participant


Decide upon the member category you are going to belong


Check the list of Championship nominations. You may only take part in one nomination.


Create your personal account.


Check your mailbox and log in as per selected function.


Follow the instructions provided in your personal account.

Prize fund 2022

Prize fund 2022 Prize fund 2022

The participants of the World Construction Championship are divided into three categories:

1. Participating organization are represented by the specialists employed by the companies having concluded participation contracts with the Operator. They represent their organizations.

2. Independent members are those specialists employed by the companies having no participation contracts with the Operator. They act on their own account.

3. The Student League is represented by the students of specialized universities and colleges.

The rules are same for all the participants. The prize fund differs according to participants’ categories.

The options to participate in certain nominations may differ depending on the category, please read the list carefully.

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Multi-team nomination «Best Construction Site»
Team nomination «Installation of Process Pipelines»
Individual nomination «Health and Safety»
Individual nomination «Non-destructive Testing»
Team nomination «Civil Works»
Team nomination «Steel and Reinforced Concrete Structures Installation»
Individual nomination «Manual Electric Welder»
Team nomination «I&C Installation»
Individual nomination «Lighting Networks and Electric Equipment Installation»
Individual nomination «Secondary Switching Electric Installation»
Team nomination «Power Cables and Cable Fittings Electrical Installation»
Team nomination «Construction Project Management»
Individual nomination «Pricing and Estimating»
Individual nomination «Construction Control»
Team nomination «Surveying Engineer»
Team nomination «Building Information Modelling and Design»
Individual nomination «Building Information Modelling»
Individual nomination «Design of Electrical and Automation Systems»
Individual nomination «Architectural and Construction Design»
Individual nomination «Building Systems (Technological) Design»