How to become the participant

Step 1

Make sure you meet qualification requirements and you can take part in the Championship.

Step 2

Report your desire to participate in the competition to your company coordinator, who is responsible for participation issues

Step 3

Clarify with your coordinator whether your company holds preliminary qualification phase

Step 4

If it does:

  • create a login at the Championship resource and fill in the registration form
  • get the notification about tasks assignment in your profile
  • pass testing and wait for the preliminary phase results
  • perform the best in your nomination tasks in order to make it into the final

If it does not:

  • check with your coordinator whether you are included into the specialists’ team to take part in the final phase competition
Step 5

Prepare the copies of documents proving your correspondence to qualification requirements with reference to the selected nomination in compliance with the list. Hand over them to your coordinator for verification and submission

Step 6

Coordinators of participating companies’ delegations shall submit participation requests and main/ reserve teams’ lists.

List arrangement requirements are provided in the Regulation on participating companies and Methodology of nominations.

Verified copies of the documents proving participants’/ Expert Juries’ correspondence to qualification requirements shall be requested by the Organizer in the prescribed order with consideration of selected nominations’ peculiarities.

Contact person:

Ms. Valeria Romanova