General information

The World Construction Championship is the annual event, which unites the competition of industrial construction specialists and business program.

Championship competitions include 19 engineering and working nominations involving the specialists of leading Russian and foreign companies. Besides, third persons can also take part in the Championship.

The business program includes representatives of industrial construction companies, government agencies, and professional community. The Championship also provides the venue for partners’ exhibition display.

Championship entrance is free in case there is registration at the web-site.

The event was established by the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities of the Russian Federation and State Atomic Energy Corporation ROSATOM on February, 20th, 2020. It is purposed for expansion of economic integration of Russia and EAEU countries into industrial construction sphere.

Official operator of the World Construction Championship (WCC)

National Association Of Construction Engineering Consultants In Russian Federation (NACEC) is the first professional association in Russia that aims to harmonize the existing model of the engineering market in Russia with generally accepted international industry standards.



Promotion of the national economy, improvement of Russia’s position on the global stage within the area of industrial construction, and provision of the global competitiveness of the country



Improving of labor efficiency within the area of industrial construction

Tasks of the Championship


Increasing of opportunities for professional and career progress of industry’s employees


Harmonization of engineering stuff’s training standards within the area of industrial construction


Promotion of credibility and popularization of non-professional occupations within the area of industrial construction in Russia and overseas countries


Improvement of competitiveness of companies and employees


Stimulation of integration of the advanced management, organizational, and process decisions


Effective international cooperation with the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union and other countries within the area of industrial construction, and cooperation among construction companies