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The Agreement to establish the first World Construction Championship (WCC) was signed on February, 21st, 2020.

Mr. Irek Faizullin

«Since the Soviet period our country has gained great experience of arrangement of worker occupations competitions. However, this Championship is purposed for development of the international cooperation between working personnel and civil engineers from different countries, including those ones, which are members of the EEU, SCO, and BRIC. Specialists of various ages will have their opportunity to demonstrate their professional skills.

We expect that such a large-scale event will allow forming of the integrated standards within the areas of information modeling and data-driven design, providing unified approaches to the contract strategy when executing projects within the area of capital construction, and creating harmonic solutions related to technical regulation and pricing»

Mr. Irek Faizullin,,
Minister of Construction Industry, Housing and Utilities Sector

Mr. Alexey Likhachev

«First of all, this Championship will be dedicated to stuff training, human resources actualization, and professional skills development.

I am convinced that this Championship will stimulate new operational relationships and contractors’ chains, which will allow us better progressing related to implementation of our objects. Apparently, we have to bolster both high-tech export’s role and services export’s role on our way to achieving the targets, determined by the President of Russia»

Mr. Alexey Likhachev,
General Director of the State Atomic Energy Corporation ROSATOM

Mr. Alexey Miller

“Gazprom is interested in quality development of Russia’s construction industry and expansion of its capabilities. The World Construction Championship is an excellent event to share practical experience and best practices related to development of professional competences.”

Mr. Alexey Miller,
Board Chairman of Gazprom, PJSC

Mr. Alexey Komissarov

“Industrial construction industry always values people – professionals, who are focused on achieving their goals. The World Construction Championship 2022 will help to not only find the best professionals of different working scopes, but also to meet “golden nuggets” among the Student League members, who would prove Russia to be the country of talents!”

Mr. Alexey Komissarov,
General Director of “Russia, the Opportunity Country”, Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization (ANCO)