Exhibition display

Participation advantages

✔  Presentation of new achievements and advanced developments of your company

✔  Providing of detailed information referring to a company to concerned partners and suppliers

✔  Highlighting of your company’s display items

✔  Providing with the information about specific features of industrial construction market development

✔  Arrangement of your company’s favorable reputation

✔  Identification of products and services

✔  Searching of useful partner contacts

✔  Making deals and signing contracts

✔  Searching of target customer audience

➤  Participation in the Championship is available for Russian and foreign companies, public organizations, associations, unions, representatives of government entities, etc.

Exhibit space booking issues

Ms. Veronika Renkova

Partner recruiting/ business event arrangement manager


+7 (985) 282-91-41, +7 (495) 771-74-72 (extens. 211)