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Exhibition participants 2021

Room D204, bld. 5A, 1st Magistralny Tupik Street, «Magistral Plaza» business center, Moscow, Russia.

armakon.ru +7 (800) 100-70-53dsiz@armakon.ru

RusHimHolding, LLC (AMARKON®)

AMARKON® is the R&D center dealing with development of safe skin care products. Based on the science framework, we offer dermatologic products, which effectively and safely resist to aggressive industrial factors while preserving employees’ health and labor capacities.

AMARKON® products are based on branded complexes, which are properly balanced combinations of the components intensifying each other. Branded complexes neutralize negative effects of aggressive agents and materials, and help to fully recover skin integrity.

The effectiveness of dermatologic skin care by AMARKON® is approved by research reports issued by independent licensed laboratories.

Blk. 1, 30/1 Obrucheva Street, Moscow, Russia

cok-ocks.ru +7 (499) 949-43-95

Centre of Expertise for Major Construction Projects, Private Enterprise of the Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation (CEMCP)

Main CEMCP’s business directions:

  • Independent qualification assessment (IQA) of employees and specific job pretenders as per 28 professional qualifications within nuclear power sector and 11 professional qualifications within construction sector. Assessment is presented at 5 CEMCP’s examination sites.
  • Development of qualification titles and qualification requirements.
  • Development of evaluation means with reference to corresponding qualifications.
  • Professional public accreditation (PPA) of education programs within engineering, design, construction, and decommissioning of nuclear installations.
  • Arrangement and training of expert community with reference to IQA and PPA.

Blk. 1, 30/1 Obrucheva Street, «Krugozor» business center, Moscow, Russia

accni.ru/en/ +7 (495) 795-71-87 accni@mail.ru

Association of Organizations of the Construction Complex of the Nuclear Industry (ACCNI)

ACCNI is the leading Russia’s association of construction organizations dealing with nuclear industry and comprising 66 members.

Association members are Russian organizations possessing large labor capacity and serious competences in arrangement of general contracting, surveying, engineering, and construction/ thermal installation/ electric installation/ ventilation/ special jobs while erecting complex industrial objects including nuclear installations. Thus, ACCNI competence scope covers the entire range of works to be performed during nuclear installations’ erection.

The association is currently working on arrangement of consortiums to deal with Rosatom State Atomic Corporation’s projects referring to capital construction.

Total number of ACCNI employees exceeds 35 thousand persons.

Total annual turnover of ACCNI organizations counts more than 300 billion rubles.

Blk. 3, 19 Suvorovskaya Street, Moscow, Russia

fensma.ru/en +7 (495) 780-48-14 corp@fensma.ru

Fensma, LLC

Fensma, LLC is the multi-business construction geo-technical company acting as the general contractor and possessing vast experience in initial construction as follows:

  • full cycle contracting jobs
  • arrangement of foundations
  • in-situ concreting
  • planking and strutting: soil mix wall method, bore/ secant piles, piped enclosures
  • piled foundations: bore/ jet grouting/ augercast piles
  • anchorage and spacer propping of construction pits
  • Jet grouting, groundwater cutoffs, cementation of soil, foundations, and «foundation-soil» contacts
  • reinforcement of foundations

27A Kolomyazhsky Avenue, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

west-e.ru/en/ +7 (812) 326-78-77 +7 (812) 363-02-33 info@west-e.ru

West-Engineering, LLC

West-Engineering, LLC is the full cycle engineering and production company. The company has been specializing in production of new electric equipment, modernization of existing machinery, development/ integration of SCADA systems, and realization of complex engineering projects in Russia, Europe, and Central Asia for more than 15 years.

The company deals with the following:

  • SCADA systems to be used at nuclear installations and industrial objects
  • Diesel generator set control systems (DGU ACS)
  • Electric control systems (ECS)
  • Lifting appliances control system (LACS)
  • Systems of dispatching, remote control, and fire-fighting protection
  • Radiation and chemical control systems
  • Non-destructive control systems, etc.

Our company guarantees professional approach, quality, and reliability of proposed solutions!

41 Kuibysheva Street, Yekaterinburg, Russia

sgaz.pro +7 (343) 214-12-79 office@sgaz.pro

Servis-Gazifikacia, Closed Joint-Stock Company

Intelligent turnkey engineering.

The company possesses 30 years of experience in construction supervision of customers’ projects and industrial site engineering. Over 500 employees of Servis-Gazifikacia, CJSC have been cooperating with leading general contractors and gained practical experience and developed methodology of work in the integrated teams while erecting complex unique objects.

Effective implementation of assigned tasks is ensured by means of engineering team, which is trained to perform construction supervision, correspondence evaluation, and industrial safety expertize, in combination with in-house laboratories, remote production technology departments, and engineering support.

In-house IT department ensures projects’ management with the use of automation means, digital aids, and company know-hows, which optimize the routine and save customers’ funds and time.

75 Sheynkmana Street, Yekaterinburg, Russia

bergauf.ru +7 (343) 278-52-96 post@bergauf.ru

Bergauf Stroitelnye Tehnologii, LLC

This is the multi-national diversified group of Russia’s industrial companies dealing with development and production of innovative and ecological products/ solutions of advanced operability.

Now, Bergauf Stroitelnye Tehnologii is one of the leaders at the market of building materials. The company offers modern and highly effective solutions referring to construction, reconstruction, and repair of different objects.

Room 411, 28 Derzhavina Street, Novosibirsk, Russia

abccenter.ru +7 (383) 211-92-50 info@abccenter.ru


ABC company is represented by 5 organizations located on the territory of four CIS countries: Russia, Belarus, Qazaqstan, and Uzbekistan. The company offers wide range of complex software as follows:

  • «АВС»: development of estimate/ resource documentation
  • «ABC-AKKORD»: development of graphical construction schedules and work execution plans and projects
  • «АВС-PIR»: preparation, calculation and issuance of estimates of design and survey costs
  • «АВС-Recompositor»: automated preparation of estimated data based on integration of 3-D BIM project systems with ABC estimate system.

BIM integration is one of company’s main business lines. Now, the company may offer finished solutions referring to the estimates of the models within the most popular BIM systems: Autodesk Revit, MagiCad, ALLPLAN, ARCHICAD, NanoCAD BIM, Renga, Model Studio CS, AVEVA E3D, IndorCAD/Road, Credo Dorogi, and Tekla.

Blk. 1, 30/1 Obrucheva Street, Moscow, Russia

nacec.ru +7 (495) 771-74-72 info@nacec.ru

National Association of Consultant Engineers in Construction (NACEC)

NACEC is the first Russia’s professional association, which purposed for harmonization of the existing Russian engineering market model with the recognized international industrial standards by means of providing comprehensive consulting services and arrangement of steady Russian expert community, which could effectively adapt best world practices and affect the legislative process referring to construction engineering on the very first stages.

The organization was established on December, 10th, 2014.

In 2015 NACEC became the associate member of the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC), and on October, 3rd, 2015, NACEC achieved the status of full FIDIC member.

In June, 2017, NACEC became the base for establishment of Russian sub-division of buildingSMART.

7 Malaya Dmitrovka, Moscow, Russia

eng.rushydro.ru +7 (800) 333-80-00 office@rushydro.ru

RusHydro, Public Joint-Stock Company

Electric power holding company «RusHydro» is one of the largest Russia’s companies with reference to the installed capacity. The company unites over 400 power generation objects, R&D centers, design and surveying enterprises, engineering organizations, and utility companies.

RusHydro is the first company in Russia and fourth one in the world to deal with hydraulic power generation. The company is leading in Russia in generation of power based on renewable sources. Installed capacity of electric power plants of the holding is 38 GW.

Blk. 1, 6 Polkovaya Street, Moscow, Russia

kemppi.com/en-US/ +7 (495) 240-84-03 info.ru@kemppi.com

Kempii, LLC

Kempii is the leading supplier of high-tech welding equipment to be used in all applicable industrial sectors.

Kempii Oy company was established in 1949 in Finland. Manufacturer’s offices locate in 16 countries across the world. The company supplies equipment to 70 countries on the regular basis. Annual turnover exceeds 111 million euro. Kempii spends 8% of its annual turnover for research activities.

Kempii Russia company is Kempii Oy’s branch, which has been at the market since 2006. During these years there has been established the wide dealer network, which now successfully works in every Russia’s region and counts over 40 representatives. Also, the company has the vast network of service centers located from Kaliningrad to Khabarovsk. Kempii equipment is listed in Gazprom, PJSC’s and Transneft, JSC’s registers, while Kempii’s solutions are included into the data base of best available technologies of Rosatom State Atomic Corporation.

Blk. 1, 6 Polkovaya Street, Moscow, Russia

peri.com/en, lesa.peri.ru, academy.peri.ru

+7 (800) 551-43-64 market@peri.ru


PERI company is one of world’s largest manufacturer and supplier of formwork and scaffolds. PERI has been reliable partner of construction and industrial companies since 1969 and offers high-tech equipment and high-quality services.

PERI equipment is used in different construction sectors:

  • Civil construction
  • Sky scrapers and towers
  • Infrastructure construction
  • Industrial objects
  • Waterworks facilities
  • Cultural and sports venues
  • Servicing of buildings

1 Kolhoznaya Street, Suksun, Permsky Region, Russia

rosomz.com +7 (800) 707-41-84 +7 (34275) 33-777 sales@rosomz.ru

Suksun Optical and Mechanical Plant ROSOMZ®, OJSC

Rosomz is Russia’s leading developer and manufacturer of modern effective RPE and PPE (open type protective glasses, corrective glasses, closed type protective glasses, ear protectors, protective face visors, protective welding visors, protective helmets, complex PPE, complex PPE to protect from thermal factors, helmet liners, RPE, and accessories).

All company products correspond to requirements of CU TR 019/2011, while main product groups are certified with reference to correspondence to CE requirements.

Blk. 1, 21 V.Petushkova Street, Moscow, Russia

technoavia.com +7 (495) 787-90-30 inform@technoavia.ru

Firma Tehnoavia PV, LLC

Tehnoavia company was established in 1992. The company is one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of innovative protection clothes, boots, and PPE of different purposes.

The company owns modern production capacities in Russia: 9 garment factories and one footwear factory. The company provides wide range of services as follows: leasing and washing of protective clothes, outsourcing of PPE integrated procurement, development and supply of security systems for elevated jobs, and labor safety consulting.

Tehnoavia company has more than 100 branches in Russia, representative offices located in Qazaqstan, UAE, and Czech Republic, and online store. The company holds membership in the PPE Association.


Engineering division of Rosatom State Atomic Corporation unites leading company dealing with the nuclear industry, such as JSC EC «ASE» (Nizhny Novgorod), Atomstroyexport, JSC (Nizhny Novgorod), United Project Institute (Atomenergoproekt, JSC (Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod branches)), Atomproekt, JSC (Saint-Petersburg), and other branch companies.

The engineering division ranks the first with reference to orders stock and number of foreign NPPs under simultaneous construction. Foreign projects form around 80% of division’s income.

The engineering division implements the projects with reference to erecting of high-power NPPs in Russia and overseas and provides the wide range of EPC/ EPC (M) services, including project management and design. The company also develops Multi-D technologies to be used for complex engineering objects’ management. The engineering division bases on the achievements of Russia’s nuclear industry and modern innovative technologies.

We build safe and reliable NPPs provided with VVER reactors of III+ generation, which correspond to all international requirement and recommendations.

3 Malaya Gruzinskaya Street, Moscow, Russia

nostroy.ru +7 (495) 987-31-50

National Association of Builders (NOSTROY)

This is Russia’s largest association of self-regulatory organizations (SRO). NOSTROY unites more than 95 thousand construction companies being parts of 225 SROs in 74 regions of Russia, including Crimea.

Mr. Anton Nikolaevich Glushkov was elected the president of NOSTROY during the 17th all-Russian conference of self-regulatory organizations on April, 22nd, 2019.

NOSTROY is one of the key expert venues to discuss current issues of the construction industry. Since 2015 NOSTROY has been keeping SRO members register, and since 2017 it has been maintaining National register of specialists (NRC). Since 2014 NOSTROY has been the basic organization of the Council for professional construction competence.

Floor 11 and 18, 21 Novy Arbat Street, Moscow, Russia

nopriz.ru +7 (495) 984-21-34 info@nopriz.ru

National Association of Surveyors and Designers NOPRIZ (hereinafter: Association)

The president of the Association is Mr. Mikhail Mikhailovich Posokhin, the Honored Architect of Russia.

The Association is all-Russian non-governmental non-profit organization that unites self-regulating organizations based on mandatory membership of persons performing engineering surveys and self-regulating organizations based on mandatory membership of persons developing project documentation. The Association is established to represent and protect the common interests of such self-regulating organizations, as well as to protect the rights and legitimate interests of self-regulating organizations that are members of the Association with reference to social and labor relations and applicable economic relations, vocational education, health protection of operating workers, employment promotion, social insurance and other activities aimed to solving of social issues and developing of the civil society.

Now, National Association of Surveyors and Designers unites 215 self-regulatory organizations, 171 of them are those SROs based on the membership of persons dealing with development of project documentation, and 44 of them are those SROs based on the membership of persons dealing with engineering surveys. Their members are 62,332 legal entities and private entrepreneurs.

Room 3, floor 3, blk. 1, 4 1st Avtozavodsky Passage, Moscow, Russia

acs-rus.ru +7 (964) 727-72-93 acsrussia@mail.ru

E-Sport Association (AKS, LLC)

This is Russia’ leading company, which deals with arrangement of e-sport events: open regional and national competitions, corporate competitions, and entertainment venues at forums and exhibitions.

All events are arranged on the turnkey basis, which allows achieving significant results.

26 Yaroslavskoye Highroad, Moscow, Russia

mgsu.ru/en/ +7 (495) 287-49-19 iis-atom@mgsu.ru

Engineering and Nuclear Installations Construction Institute

Business lines:

  • implementation of R&D ad analytical projects aimed at technological development of nuclear construction industry
  • arrangement of scientific and technical cooperation between NRU MGSU and nuclear construction industry
  • arrangement of training system and set of education programs purposed for human resourcing of nuclear construction companies and corresponding to the requirements of professional standards
  • arrangement of training of specialists employed by nuclear construction companies as per higher education programs and supplementary professional education
  • arrangement and methodological support of professional public accreditation of education programs.

Blk. 1, 8 Lefortovsky Lane, Moscow, Russia

трудкрут.рф +7 (499) 261-33-45 r.s.o@mail.ru

Youth social agency «Russian students’ teams»

Youth social agency «Russian students’ teams» (RST) is the largest youth organization in Russia. It provides part-time jobs to more than 240 thousand young people from 74 regions of Russia, deals with promotion of patriotism and civic education, and develops creative and sport capabilities of young people.

Russia’s student teams act as the official partner of our Championship within the category of «Arrangement and organization of Volunteers’ team work».

16/1 Krzhizhanovskogo Street, Moscow, Russia

sibur.ru/en/ info@sibur.ru

Sibur Holding, PJSC

SIBUR is Russia’s largest integrated petrochemical company and one of the most dynamically developing one with reference to oil, gas, and chemical industry.

The company group manufactures and distributes petrochemical products at both Russian and foreign markets. There are 2 business segments of company products:

  • Olefins and polyolefines (polypropylene, polyethylene, BOPP, etc.)
  • Plastic materials, elastomers, and intermediate materials (synthetic rubber, polystyrene foam, polyethyleneterephthalate, etc.).

Petrochemical production capacities are mainly supplied with internally sourced raw materials produced by gas processing segment and infrastructure based on by-products remaining after oil and gas extraction.