Enter into the partnership

General partner

Gold partnersGold
Silver partnersSilver
Bronze partnersBronze

General partner is a high-prestige rank, which may be taken by companies. There are three categories of general partnership: Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

These categories provide the opportunity for company representatives or contractors to take part in the competitive program related to the Championship’s nominations, take part in all the events of the Championship, including priority basis of the business program, get informational support from leading media sources, arrange individual zones for business communications within prepared exhibition site for demonstration of investment projects.

Championship’s partners

Championship’s partner is a participant of the event, which is attributed with the wide range of company promotion tools.

Among these tools: the exhibition site for demonstration of investment projects and providing new projects and services, the opportunity to arrange a business event or presentation within the Championship, company leadership’s participation in discussion related to the business program, awarding prizetakers and winners of the Championship with special gifts, and placing of company logos at information resources of the Championship.

Championship nominations’ partners

Becoming Championship nominations’ partner is one of the effective ways to present a company to the business community of the Championship, among which are legal authorities’ representatives, and Russian and foreign industrial construction experts.

Partners can also arrange individual presentation zones and communication areas, place their logos and trademarks in the Championship nomination zones, award prizetakers and nomination winners, and give special partner’s prizes. Besides, a technical partner of a nomination may provide full or partial set of equipment required for holding the competitions.

Individual events’ partners

Business programBusiness
Opening and closing ceremoniesOpening and closing

A business program partner is one of Championship’s associates, capable to offer original and comprehensive analysis of the subjects, included into the business program. Partner companies' speakers get the opportunity to take part in the business program events and participate and perform welcome speech at the opening ceremony.

There are the following extra options available: opportunity to select the area for further erection of the stand with business communication zone and information support of media sources. Companies may also act as partners of Championship’s opening and closing ceremonies.

Participation in organization of entertainment events provides wide opportunities for informal communications, current affairs discussions, and establishment of business connections.

Media partners

This rank opens the opportunity to arrange a business event, presentation, or press conference, take part in all the events of the Championship, place a company logo at all information resources.

There is the following extra option available: opportunity to select the area for further erection of the stand with a press conference zone or mobile TV studio.

How to become a partner

If you are interested to become a partner of the World Construction Championship, please feel free to contact us by writing us at partner@pro-wcc.ru or filling the application form provided below. We will contact you shortly.

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